Ideology and Soviet Politics

Ideology of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
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Edelman, Robert. New York: Oxford, Robert Edelman brings a historical outlook to the political influence and reasoning behind public viewings of sports and their significance within the USSR.

Ideology and Power in Soviet Politics

Serious Fun provides detailed background to many events that were merely mentioned in other books, in particular, the Spartikiad and early Athletic parades. Edelman writes in a professional, academic manner while still providing an easy to read and entertaining piece of Soviet history.

https://xn----7sbbfgc7eemfc.xn--j1amh/cli/wywamisy/2442.php Grant, Susan. New York: Routledge, Throughout the book, Grant connects sport, politics and power to create an easy to process relationship between the three. Grant also utilizes the idea of physical culture, a much broader ideal, as well as sport on society and how political ideals effected sports and the other way around.

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Most effectively, Grant focuses heavily on the history and context of the creation of Soviet physical ideology and institutions. Recommended for: individual history of sport as well as non-Olympic-centric Soviet sport history. He also writes extensively about sports being used in foreign policy, social routine and industrialization in lead-up to World War Two. Riordan writes appropriately for a history professor, in a structured, historical manner.

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Personalised recommendations. Soviet citizens often did not have access to basic needs, such as clothing or shoes. In a similarly sweeping change, Gorbachev proposed that the basis of party membership be changed so that members would no longer be required to be active in party organizations but could support it in other ways and differ with its declared policies if they chose. Skip to main content. Courtesy Reuters It was only towards the middle of the twentieth century that the inhabitants of many European countries came, in general unpleasantly, to realize that their fate could be influenced directly by intricate and abstruse books of philosophy. The monument is also an example of the memorialization of Chinggis Khan by the state, which inscribes his image not only in public minds but also in the material urbanscape.

Steinberg, David. Utilizing direct quotations, Steinberg creates a strong resource for understanding the politics and international communist beliefs in sports. Soviet Ideology — London: Dennis Dobson, Gustav A. Wetter, Dialectical Materialism London: Routledge, See also James P.

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Richard T. Herbert Marcuse, Soviet Marxism. Alfred G.

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CrossRef Google Scholar. De George, Patterns , pp. Moscow: Politizdat, —82 , vol. A helpful source on this period is Jerome M.

The Cold War: Ideological Differences - Capitalism vs Communism - Episode 1

KPSS v rez. On this point see particularly Roger E. The Ideology and Politics Journal is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published once or twice a year in electronic form.

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